wine-3.0.5-rc1 Available

Michael Stefaniuc mstefani at
Sun Feb 10 14:33:57 CST 2019

Hello guys,

I have pushed wine-3.0.5-rc1 (with tag) to

This should hopefully be the final release for 3.0.x.

Nothing special in it, just that it has more patches that I would have
liked it to have.

Now the interesting bits and pieces from the ANNOUNCE file:

What's new in this release (see below for details):
  - Various bug fixes


Bugs fixed in 3.0.5 (total 75):

   5402  Multiple MFC-based apps crash during non-modal child dialog
control creation with active window being zero (Canon PhotoStitch
3.1.13, Flexible Renamer v8.4)
  16845  Radio buttons not being checked on focus
  33117  Can't load Bach41.ttf with CreateFontIndirect
  33502  SnagIt writes incomplete
HKLM\\System\\CurrentControlSet\\Control\\Print\\Printers entry, causing
loader failures for apps that depend on winspool.drv
  35320  setlocale(Chinese_China.950) returns NULL
  35504  LibreOffice 4.2 installer copies MSVC++ runtime files into
erroneous 'C:\Win\System\' path (directory targets/properties not
re-resolved after updates from custom actions)
  38066  Memento Mori (Numen: Contest of Heroes): mouse buttons don't
work (needs native dinput8)
  38402  glDebugMessageCallback has mismatched calling convention
  39051  TabbedTextOut() incorrect output on tab character
  39508  Microsoft Office 365/OneDrive for Business installer fails in
Win8+ mode with 'advapi:ParseStringSidToSid String constant not
supported: "OW"' (failure to decode 'Owner Rights' SID 'S-1-3-4')
  40160  cant install mobogenie
  40206  Revit Architecture fails to install: throws Messagebox
"Function failed" and aborts
  40208  Cegid Business Line installer fails in custom script action
with "Object doesn't support this property or method:
'ObjRegistry.CreateKey'" (needs 'StdRegProv.CreateKey')
  40264  Iris Online cannot connect to login server (SO_SNDBUF with
value 0 is not allowed in OSX)
  40303  Control Data passed in DIALOGEX Resource passes pointer with
offset sizeof(WORD)
  40433  Fifa 11 EU demo fails to install when run from custom DVD
  40828  Switching resolution in desktop mode makes task bar redraw on
top of full screen game
  41039  Multiple kernel drivers crash on unimplemented function
ntoskrnl.exe.FsRtlIsNameInExpression (VirtualBox, QQProtect for Tencent
TIM ( 2.1.x)
  41356  Multiple applications and games need support for
szOID_NIST_sha* OIDs in crypt32 (The Crew (Uplay), Star Wars The Old
Republic, PSNow v9.0.5)
  41404  WPS Office unhandled exception on installation
  41419  Visio 2013 crashes with unimplemented function
msvcp100.dll.?_GetCombinableSize at details@Concurrency@@YAIXZ
  41934  Spreaker Studio 1.4.2 fails to install
  42010  ReactOS Calc does not show dots in radio buttons.
  42078  Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara needs
  43187  EA Origin 'OriginWebHelperService' (QGuiApplication)
non-interactive service process crashes due to null monitor info when
determining the primary (default) screen
  43358  EVE Online crashes on startup in Win7+ mode (XAudio 2.7
'IXAudio2SourceVoice::GetState' called with 'Flags' parameter, causing
%ESI or %EDI register corruption)
  43464  Elite Dangerous Horizons fails to connect to server with CRC error
  43550  Photoshop Elements 15 spams console with
fixme:file:MoveFileWithProgressW MOVEFILE_WRITE_THROUGH unimplemented
  43630  Altium Designer Installer - Richedit control shows rtf code
instead of text
  43890  Divinity: Original Sin 2 does not successfully launch
  44109  Simple free HAM program Opera crashes, needs unimplemented
function pdh.dll.PdhVbAddCounter
  44177  Guitar Pro 5: Long freezes during draw process of dashed lines
(P.M. or let ring markers)
  44229  Visual C++ 1.51 can't add files to project (GetOpenFileName16()
doesn't support custom templates or hooks)
  44409  png with indexed colors and alpha miss the alpha channel on loading
  44485  Delphi 7 debugger generates new exceptions by itself
  45320  cmd creates an environment variable with an empty name
  45347  Google Chrome installer crashes on unimplemented function
  45523  FIFA 18 Demo needs KERNEL32.dll.SetProcessWorkingSetSizeEx
  45538  Multiple applications crash on unimplemented function
msvcr120.dll.?wait at Concurrency@@YAXI at Z (Amazon Workspaces client,
EnginePrime, Bethesda Launcher Updater)
  45569  League of Legends 8.12+ needs
NtQueryInformationProcess(ProcessCookie) stub
  45588  .Net Framework 4.5.2 (WPF) System.Windows.Media.PixelFormat
  45593 Game Center: Installer deadlocks during download
('ntdll.RtlDeregisterWaitEx' must not synchronously wait when
'CompletionEvent' is NULL)
  45673  Calling delegated proxy methods returns 0x800706b5
(RPC_S_UNKNOWN_IF), "err:rpc:RpcAssoc_BindConnection syntax
{xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx}, 0.0 not supported"
  45709 Simple2D demos v1.13 need support for
IWICImagingFactory2, CLSID '{317d06e8-5f24-433d-bdf7-79ce68d8abc2}'
  45724  Multiple EndScene calls result in multiple glFlush (FF XIV)
  45782  mono needs unimplemented function
  45816  Orbit Profile crashes in Unhandled exception: unimplemented
function msvcp140.dll.?_Winerror_message at std@@YAKKPADK at Z called
  45831  Slack installer (Squirrel) fails:Unhandled Exception:
  45832  Windower 5 beta (FF XI tool) crash: Unhandled Exception:
System.NotImplementedException at
(DwmExtendFrameIntoClientArea should return S_OK)
  45880  Multiple PC/SC applications crash on unimplemented function
winscard.dll.SCardCancel (Aruba key, SmartCard test apps)
  45910  nProtect GameGuard used by multiple MMORPG games crashes on
unimplemented function wevtapi.dll.EvtExportLog (4Story, Phantasy Star
Online 2)
  45913  tchar.h: using the macro _sntprintf leads to an undefined
reference to snwprintf; macro should resolve to _snwprintf
  45915  x64dbg/x32dbg crash during shutdown on unimplemented function
msvcr120.dll.??0_Scoped_lock at _NonReentrantPPLLock@details at Concurrency@@QAE at AAV123@@Z
  45928  Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 10 (.NET 4.6) installer
fails, claims KB3118401 is needed ('ucrtbase.dll' missing version
resource, >= 10.0.0)
  45942  AnyRail6: crashing when open Options
  45997  iPed 7G 2019 (.NET 4.0 app) v13.0.10800 crashes with
System.NotImplementedException at system.drawing.pen.ScaleTransform
  46040  Intel Extreme Tuning Utility v6.4 kernel driver 'iocbios2.sys'
crashes on unimplemented function ntoskrnl.exe.KeSetTargetProcessorDpc
  46057  Multiple applications want 'ntdll.NtQueryInformationToken' to
support 'TokenVirtualizationEnabled' (24) info class (Blizzard
  46080  Multiple installers are missing title bar buttons
  46081  Multiple installers show readonly drives with broken size
  46084  Skype installer crashes due to unimplemented
msvcp140.dll.?_Winerror_map at std@@YAHH at Z
  46089  TopoEdit tool from Windows 10 SDK (10.0.17763.x) crashes in
ntdll.LdrResolveDelayLoadedAPI during resolver failure (NULL dll failure
  46129  'sqlwriter.exe' from Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 crashes on
unimplemented function VSSAPI.DLL.??0CVssWriter@@QEAA at XZ
  46135  Microsoft ODBC tool 'odbcconf.exe' (part of MDAC 2.x install)
crashes during configuration (some 'advapi32.dll' API entries are not
hotpatchable due to PIC/GOT code at entry)
  46156  Multiple applications from Windows 7-10 crash on unimplemented
function slc.dll.SLOpen
  46157  Doxie 2.10.3 crashes on unimplemented function
  46168  dotnet35sp1 installer has an error under wow64
  46172  Multiple applications from Windows 7-10 crash on unimplemented
function slc.dll.SLGetLicensingStatusInformation
  46186  LoadImageA searches images in the wrong directory
  46210  explorer /desktop leaks atoms from DDE interface
  46215  File Open Dialog fails to set focus to Filename text box
  46229  server/ptrace: NetBSD debug register storage
  46328  Installer for Tanglet 1.5.3 crashes at target directory selection
  46430  Doom3 (CD version) fails to install
  46435  F1 2011 crashes with a messed up rendering in DX9 mode


Changes since 3.0.4:

Akihiro Sagawa (6):
      dinput/tests: Use GET_DIDEVICE_SUBTYPE macro in keyboard type tests.
      dinput/tests: Add more tests for keyboard subtypes.
      dinput: Return DIDEVTYPEKEYBOARD_JAPAN106 subtype when it is used.
      windowscodecs: Fix buffer overflow when generating a palette.
      gdiplus/tests: Add more PNG color format tests.
      gdiplus: Convert to 32bppARGB when PNG image with transparency
chunk is loaded. (rebased).

Alex Henrie (1):
      advapi32: Fix memory leak in QueryServiceConfig2W (Coverity).

Alexandre Julliard (8):
      user32: Use height from font metrics for empty text runs in
      oleaut32: Fix argument order with instance and VARIANT return type.
      server: Reset hardware breakpoint sizes before setting them.
      commdlg: Implement custom template support in 16-bit file dialogs.
      commdlg: Add support for 16-bit file dialog hooks.
      ntdll: Also store FPU registers in RtlRaiseException().
      msi: Return an error code instead of a button id in
      winspool.drv: Make cupsGetPPD optional to work around deprecation

Alistair Leslie-Hughes (6):
      include: Add more types to ntifs.h.
      ntdll: Support TokenVirtualizationEnabled in NtQueryInformationToken.
      include: Add MmIsAddressValid to header.
      ws2_32: Ignore a SO_SNDBUF value of 0 on macOS.
      advapi32: Add DECL_HOTPATCH to registry functions.
      user32: Don't reset focus if current dialog is a child.

Andrew Wesie (2):
      wined3d: Remove extraneous flush from EndScene.
      ntdll: Stub for ProcessCookie in NtQueryInformationProcess.

Andrey Gusev (4):
      pdh: Add PdhVbAddCounter stub.
      slc: Add SLOpen stub.
      slc: Add SLGetLicensingStatusInformation stub.
      d3dx11: Fix D3DX11CreateShaderResourceViewFromMemory spec entry.

André Hentschel (2):
      kernel32: Add stub for SetProcessWorkingSetSizeEx.
      ntdll: Call system hook in LdrResolveDelayLoadedAPI when dll hook
is missing.

Austin English (1):
      winscard: Add SCardCancel stub.

Bernhard Übelacker (1):
      user32: Let nulldrv return some dummy monitor information.

Brendan McGrath (4):
      advapi32: Don't create a WoW6432 MachineGuid.
      dinput/tests: Test that the GUID is the same for Instance and Product.
      dinput: Use the same GUID for Instance and Product.
      msi: Set stale function pointers to NULL.

Daniel Lehman (1):
      gdi32: Fix memory leak (Valgrind).

Dmitry Timoshkov (13):
      windowscodecs: IWICMetadataQueryReader::GetMetadataByName() should
accept NULL for returned value.
      kernel32: Add support for MOVEFILE_WRITE_THROUGH to MoveFile.
      user32/tests: Add a test for custom dialog control data.
      wrc: Fix generation of custom dialog control data.
      user32: Fix the pointer to custom dialog control data.
      user32: Don't force a combobox repaint on WM_SIZE.
      user32/tests: Add a focus test for an empty dialog that returns
      user32: If there is no dialog controls to set focus to then set
focus to dialog itself.
      gdi32: Improve detection of symbol charset for old truetype fonts.
      user32: Move the auto radio button group logic from BM_SETCHECK to
      user32/tests: Simplify the test for BM_CLICK on autoradio button
by using a dialog.
      user32/tests: Add a test for navigating a group of buttons using
keyboard events.
      user32: Add support for navigating a group of radio buttons using
a keyboard.

Fabian Maurer (5):
      propsys: Add PropVariantToStringWithDefault and tests.
      msi: In dialogs show titlebar buttons.
      riched20: Properly handle \0 inside rtf input.
      user32: LoadImage should not only search in the working directory.
      winealsa.drv: Don't crash when getting NULL event from midi.

Frédéric Fauberteau (1):
      wineserver: Support debug registers on NetBSD.

Gijs Vermeulen (2):
      msvcr100: Add Concurrency::wait stub.
      msvcp100: Add Concurrency::_GetCombinableSize stub.

Hans Leidekker (4):
      wbemprox: Implement StdRegProv.CreateKey.
      msi: Allow recursive changes to the target folder path.
      msi: Support substorage transforms in MsiDatabaseApplyTransform.
      msi: Only perform the media check if the label of the disk entry
differs from the last.

Huw D. M. Davies (1):
      winspool: Skip the old printer check if it has a NULL port name.

Jacek Caban (2):
      crypt32: Added support for szOID_NIST_sha* OIDs.
      include: Don't use unnamed struct for NDR_SCONTEXT declaration.

Jactry Zeng (1):
      ntoskrnl: Add FsRtlIsNameInExpression stub.

Jason Edmeades (1):
      msvcrt: Do not put cmd.exe special environment variables into the

Louis Lenders (6):
      dwmapi: Return S_OK in DwmExtendFrameIntoClientArea.
      ucrtbase: Add version resource.
      wevtapi: Add stub for EvtExportLog.
      wevtapi: Fix typo in spec file.
      ntoskrnl.exe: Add stub for KeSetTargetProcessorDpc.
      vssapi: Add a few win64 spec entries.

Michael Müller (2):
      ntdll: Implement ProcessPriorityClass in NtQueryInformationProcess.
      ntdll: Implement ProcessImageFileNameWin32 in

Michael Stefaniuc (2):
      include: Make ARRAY_SIZE() available in wine/test.h.
      include: Add a generic available ARRAY_SIZE().

Mihail Ivanchev (1):
      include: Fixed the Unicode expansion of _sntprintf.

Nikolay Sivov (11):
      propsys: Add InitPropVariantFromCLSID().
      advapi32/tests: Test return SIDs for wellknown two-character names.
      advapi32: Add WinCreatorOwnerRightsSid to wellknown list.
      advapi32: Add a name for WinBuiltinAnyPackageSid.
      wincodecs: Add IWICImagingFactory2 stub.
      wincodecs/icoformat: Improve input data validation on decoder
      wincodecs: Add IWICPixelFormatInfo exports.
      gdiplus: Implement GdipScalePenTransform().
      gdiplus: Fix the number of transformed points for squared caps.
      xmllite/reader: Fix compiler warning.
      inetcomm: Fix a leak on DeleteProp() (Valgrind).

Olivier F. R. Dierick (1):
      explorer: Don't change Z-order of the taskbar when displaying it.

Paul Gofman (1):
      d3dx9: Return correct comment length from get_instr_length().

Pierre Schweitzer (1):
      msi: Don't consider read-only drives when enumerating volumes.

Piotr Caban (10):
      msvcr120: Added _Cbuild implementation.
      msvcp140: Added _Winerror_message implementation.
      msvcr100: Use scoped_lock internal buffer when locking
      msvcr100: Add _NonReentrantPPLLock class implementation.
      msvcr100: Add _ReentrantPPLLock class implementation.
      msvcr100: Add _ReentrantPPLLock::_Scoped_lock class implementation.
      msvcr100: Added _Scoped_lock::_NonReentrantPPLLock class.
      msvcrt: Support "China" country name in setlocale function.
      msvcp140: Add _Winerror_map implementation.
      msvcrt: Add _vscprintf_l implementation.

Ralf Habacker (1):
      explorer: Fix atom leaks caused by not releasing DDE interface.

Roger Zoellner (1):
      ntdll: Relax checks for valid affinity mask in

Sebastian Lackner (2):
      opengl32: Add wrappers for glDebugMessageCallback to handle
calling convention differences.
      xaudio2: Use assembly wrapper to call OnVoiceProcessingPassStart

Serge Gautherie (1):
      jscript: Fix a MSVC-x64 warning about to_uint32().

Stefan Dösinger (5):
      msvcp140: Implement _Temp_get.
      msvcp120: Tr2::_Rename_wchar NULL ptr handling differs from
      msvcp140: Export _Rename.
      msvcp140/tests: Test _Last_write_time and _Set_last_write_time.
      ntdll: Avoid more race conditions in RtlDeregisterWaitEx.

Sven Baars (2):
      dsound: Fix a memory leak (Valgrind).
      gdiplus: Fix a memory leak (Valgrind).

Zebediah Figura (2):
      rpcrt4/tests: Add tests for delegated proxy methods.
      ole32: Use the real proxy IID in ClientRpcChannelBuffer_GetBuffer().

Zhiyi Zhang (1):
      riched20: Fix a use after free.

Michael Stefaniuc
mstefani at

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