[PATCH 2/2] hid: Don't sign-extend 16-bit values.

Kai Krakow kai at kaishome.de
Tue Feb 12 15:55:31 CST 2019

Yep, thanks Zeb. It works properly now.

Am Di., 12. Feb. 2019 um 07:06 Uhr schrieb Zebediah Figura
<z.figura12 at gmail.com>:
> Okay, through playing around with hid and xinput tests I've managed to
> determine the root cause, which is that xinput's scaling logic is kind
> of broken. In particular it scales X value coordinates to the range
> [-32767, 32768], which breaks when the controller is held all the way to
> the right (which often is not physically "all the way to the right")
> because 32768 wraps around to negative. The reason this worked before is
> because of some quirks involving signed multiply. I've sent some patches
> which should address this.

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