[PATCH] Fix handling of zero_bits argument in NtAllocateVirtualMemory

Austin English austinenglish at gmail.com
Sat Feb 16 17:06:07 CST 2019

On Sat, Feb 16, 2019, 03:33 <Las at protonmail.ch wrote:

> Patch attached. This is my first contribution to wine, and I have checked
> through the wiki for what I should do, and have attempted to fulfill all
> criteria.
> Commit message from patch:
> Before, Wine would (very incorrectly) use the argument to specify
> how many *low-order* address bits should be 0, when in fact,
> in Windows it's used to specify how many *high-order* address bits
> should be zero!
> The functionality is taken from the documentation for
> NtAllocateVirtualMemory:
> The number of high-order address bits that must be zero in the base address
> of the section view. Used only when the operating system determines where
> to allocate the region, as when BaseAddress is NULL. Note that when
> ZeroBits is larger than 32, it becomes a bitmask.
> and NtMapViewOfSection:
> Specifies the number of high-order address bits that must be zero in the
> base address of the section view. The value of this parameter must be less
> than 21 and is used only if BaseAddress is NULL—in other words, when the
> caller allows the system to determine where to allocate the view.
> and from documentation for LuaJIT's allocator:
> /* Number of top bits of the lower 32 bits of an address that must be zero.
> ** Apparently 0 gives us full 64 bit addresses and 1 gives us the lower
> 2GB.
> */
> \#define NTAVM_ZEROBITS 1
> Thus the interpretation done here is:
> If zero_bits is 0, use the full address space.
> If zero_bits is over 20, err (12-bit pointers are the smallest allowed).
> Otherwise only the lower (32-zero_bits) bits should be used.
> A lot of internal Wine functionality unfortunately depends on the old
> Wine behavior, but thankfully, all of the uses seem to be redundant,
> as no function requested an alignment higher than the minimum!
> It may however be that I have not fully understood the code,
> as it is not always clear what alignment is requested.
> In addition, to implement this odd Windows API, Wine somehow has to
> mmap an address below the maximum, which is not possible efficiently
> on POSIX systems compared to the Windows API. Linux has the MAP_32BIT
> flag, but it restricts the address space to just 1 GiB, which is not
> enough. For that reason, the implementation of this API in Wine
> uses pseudorandom heuristics ripped from the LuaJIT project (which
> also seems to be the only project to use this Windows API) to achieve
> this. It is not optimal, but it works. A proper implementation would
> require extensions to the mmap API.

Looks like your patch didn't attach.

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