Attn Packagers: Dependency addition for XAudio2 support

Ethan Lee elee at
Mon Feb 25 15:19:42 CST 2019

The new XAudio2 implementation that was just merged into master adds a new dependency, called FAudio.

The source is available here: <>

The README goes into detail, but the short version: It's a C99 library that builds with CMake and depends only on SDL2 (ideally 2.0.9). There are special build options available but the default is recommended for general use.

One minor note for distributions with CMake versions older than 3.1.3 _and_ a compiler that defaults to pre-C99: You will need to set CMAKE_C_FLAGS="-std=c99" manually. If you have CMake 3.1.3+ _or_ a compiler that defaults to C99+, no extra flags should be necessary.

XAudio2 is used by a large percentage of games made after the release of the Xbox 360, and Wine's built-in implementation is especially important because of bugs that ship in the official DirectX redistributable version for 64-bit: <>

Thanks everyone!
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