[PATCH] Add support for ast locale

Alex Henrie alexhenrie24 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 13:16:48 CST 2019

Hi Enol,

You can't just copy and paste the patch into an email because your
email client will insert extra newlines. Either use `git send-email`
or send the patch file as an attachment.

> From: Enol P <enolp at softastur.org>

You should not abbreviate your name and you need to include a
Signed-off-by line as well.

> + * Copyright 2019 Softastur for WineHQ

I think this should be "Copyright 2019 Enol Puente for Softastur". Or
just "Copyright 2019 Enol Puente" if you yourself own the copyright.

Finally, if the NLS file is helpful even without the PO file, I think
you'll have better luck getting this accepted by sending the NLS file
as one patch and the PO file as a second patch.


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