Ubuntu 19.10 will be 64 bit only

Vincent Povirk (they/them) vincent at codeweavers.com
Thu Jun 20 08:41:55 CDT 2019

> Many 64-bit applications still use either a 32-bit installer or some
> 32-bit components. In comparison 64-bit Windows will support 32-bit
> (probably) forever.

Make that almost all applications. It's very unusual for a program to
have a 64-bit installer, because it won't be able to control what
happens when a user runs the installer on 32-bit Windows.

In practice, the only cases where 64-bit only wine will be useful are
when 64-bit applications are packaged some other way (such as a .zip,
Steam Play, or packaging specifically for Wine) or for running Wine
builtins like msidb.

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