vkd3d: Thoughts on how to include shaders in the project?

Philip Rebohle philip.rebohle at tu-dortmund.de
Mon Nov 4 09:46:32 CST 2019


I'm currently looking into getting Deus Ex: Mankind Divided to run on 
vkd3d. Among other issues, it uses ClearUnorderedAccessView for typed 
buffer views, which is currently not supported and will require the use
of a compute shader.

There are also a few other areas where shader-based implementations 
might become necessary in the future, e.g. for copies between depth and 
color images, ResolveSubresource with typeless images, etc.

What would be the preferred way to integrate shaders for this purpose in 

One option would be to compile GLSL shaders at build-time to a C header 
containing the SPIR-V code, which could then be included in the vkd3d 
source files directly.

This would introduce glslangValidator as a new build-time dependency, is 
that acceptable? Also, how would this be implemented in the build 
system? I don't have much experience with autoconf, so some help in that 
regard would be highly appreciated.

I'd like to avoid including pre-compiled SPIR-V binaries in the source 
tree directly or installing them as separate files if possible, since 
doing so would complicate the workflow significantly.


- Philip

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