[PATCH] ddraw/tests: Add tests for alpha component in surface format conversions.

Marvin testbot at winehq.org
Tue Nov 5 16:11:32 CST 2019


While running your changed tests, I think I found new failures.
Being a bot and all I'm not very good at pattern recognition, so I might be
wrong, but could you please double-check?

Full results can be found at:

Your paranoid android.

=== wvistau64_fr (32 bit report) ===

Report errors:
ddraw:ddraw7 has unaccounted for skip messages
The report seems to have been truncated

=== wvistau64_fr (task log) ===

Task errors:
An error occurred while waiting for the test to complete: network read timed out (wait2/connect:AgentVersion.h:0/9)
The test VM has crashed, rebooted or lost connectivity (or the TestAgent server died)
The previous 2 run(s) terminated abnormally

=== w1064v1809 (32 bit report) ===

198c:ddraw7: unhandled exception c0000005 at 736C40F8

=== w1064v1809_2scr (32 bit report) ===

1af4:ddraw7: unhandled exception c0000005 at 735240F8

=== w1064v1809_ar (32 bit report) ===

1954:ddraw7: unhandled exception c0000005 at 726A40F8

=== w1064v1809_he (32 bit report) ===

1128:ddraw7: unhandled exception c0000005 at 731E40F8

=== w1064v1809_ja (32 bit report) ===

1ab8:ddraw7: unhandled exception c0000005 at 709440F8

=== w1064v1809_zh_CN (32 bit report) ===

1abc:ddraw7: unhandled exception c0000005 at 734440F8

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