Running make crosstest

Thales thaleslv at
Sat Nov 9 00:09:48 CST 2019

I can't get the crosstest to be recognized by the configure script.  I installed mingw-w64, and then ran configure in the wine64 (and wine32) build directories assuming it would create a "crosstest" target in the Makefiles.   

As it says here:
"When you have a MinGW-w64 environment installed all you need to do is rerun configure and it should detect the MinGW-w64 compiler and tools. Then run make crosstest to start building the tests."

I've already created a little test for the comobox, but can't get the cross-compiler to work.  
I hope that I'm not asking too many questions!  :-)  Thanks for any feedback.
Regards,...John Alway
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