[PATCH 2/2] kernel32: Match the Windows 10 1709+ SetConsoleFont() implementation.

Francois Gouget fgouget at free.fr
Thu Nov 14 11:44:47 CST 2019

On Wed, 13 Nov 2019, Marvin wrote:
> === debian10 (32 bit Chinese:China report) ===
> kernel32:
> debugger.c:320: Test failed: GetThreadContext failed: 5

This is a random test failure:

> === debian10 (32 bit WoW report) ===
> kernel32:
> comm.c:919: Test failed: OutQueue should not be empty

This is a preexisting random test failure. It happens often enough that 
it happens every day but not on the same VMs every time. This is not the 
same random failure as bug 47873: those only happen on Windows while 
this one only happens on Wine.

Interestingly it looks like it started on Oct 03, which is most likely 
when I added the winetest user to the dialout group, thus giving the 
tests access to /dev/ttyS*.

> === debian10 (64 bit WoW report) ===
> kernel32:
> change.c:320: Test failed: should be ready

This is a random test failure:

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