[PATCH 1/2] dlls/d3d12: Fix D3D12SerializeVersionedRootSignature.

Sveinar Søpler cybermax at dexter.no
Fri Nov 15 15:54:39 CST 2019

I still use these two patches

[PATCH 1/2] dlls/d3d12: Fix D3D12SerializeVersionedRootSignature 

[PATCH 2/2] dlls/d3d12: Add 

to play World of Warcraft with my patched vkd3d. Since this seems "gone" 
from the queue, does this mean it is better to try to get this 
implemented through staging, or should i just wait for vkd3d_1.2 and 
this patch being resubmitted?

Kinda feel like some "special interest" to play WoW with D3D12 i guess :)


On 18.10.2019 16:13, hverbeet at gmail.com (Henri Verbeet) wrote:
> On Wed, 16 Oct 2019 at 14:37, Hans-Kristian Arntzen
> <post at arntzen-software.no> wrote:
>> +    return vkd3d_serialize_versioned_root_signature(desc, blob, error_blob);
> That's a version 1.2 interface, which has not been released yet. I.e.,
> although unlikely, this API is still subject to change. We'd like to
> release vkd3d 1.2 sooner rather than later; currently it's blocked on
> review of the vkd3d-shader API.

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