[PATCH v7 3/3] kernel32: Make GetUserGeoID() pretend we set a GeoID even if we didn't.

João Diogo Ferreira devilj at outlook.pt
Mon Nov 18 07:21:52 CST 2019

> The question is what happens on Windows in such cases?

In Windows, if you ask for the GeoID of that locale you do get the
region ID for the Caribbeans.

For SetUserGeoID(), Windows only touches the class you want;
if you set a region ID, you set the Region key and Nation will keep
whatever value it had before (which could be unset) and vice-versa.
So no, there is no default value set in SetUserGeoID().

If you don't think this undocumented behavior (implemented in Windows)
should come to Wine, we can instead have a fallback nation in the
autodetect mechanism. I think leaving it empty is just asking for bugs
at this point, considering Windows 10 will lie if it's unset.

(sorry for resend!)

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