[PATCH vkd3d 2/2] vkd3d: Optimise the GPU VA allocator.

Chip Davis cdavis at codeweavers.com
Wed Nov 20 15:05:56 CST 2019

November 20, 2019 3:00 PM, "Hans-Kristian Arntzen" <post at arntzen-software.no> wrote:

> On 11/20/19 9:14 PM, Sveinar Søpler wrote:
>> PS. I think when submitting vkd3d patches, i read someplace that > "they" prefer that its added
>> with brackets like this [PATCH vkd3d] , > and not [PATCH] vkd3d... Something about easier sorting
>> this rather > than seeing it as "wine patches". Correct me if i remember wrong tho :)
> That's new to me. I'm doing whatever git send-email/format-patch does.

$ git config format.subjectPrefix 'PATCH vkd3d'

from your vkd3d directory.


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