[PATCH 2/2] d3dcompiler/tests: Fix parameter desc test on d3d10.

Matteo Bruni matteo.mystral at gmail.com
Fri Nov 29 07:07:28 CST 2019

On Fri, Nov 29, 2019, 13:05 Sven Baars <sven.wine at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 29-11-2019 11:57, Matteo Bruni wrote:
> > +        else
> > +            ok(!desc.Stream,·"(%u):·got·unexpected·Stream·%u.\n",·i,·desc.Stream);
> >
> Hi Matteo,
> This is not true according to the tests:
> https://test.winehq.org/data/tests/d3d10:reflection.html

Oh indeed, there is something weird going on (e.g.
That suggests that somehow the "missing" field is changed by the
implementation? AFAICS the local variable is supposed to be completely
initialized to 0 by the test. Also of note, it looks like only the
64-bit tests are affected.

> Also, if you prefer your fix, it should probably be done for the other
> Stream tests in that file as well.

Well, not if it's wrong... We need to figure out what's going on
first. I'll give it a deeper look later today. Alexandre, please
ignore the patch for the time being.

> Best,
> Sven

Thanks for the heads up,

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