Wine32 requires 32bit libraries? No fix?

Jeff Smith whydoubt at
Wed Jan 15 22:17:33 CST 2020

On Wed, Jan 15, 2020 at 6:43 PM Klaus-J. Wolf <yanestra at> wrote:
> I recently noted that some Linux* distributions stop their x86 32bit flavor because 32bit care occupies lots of time (apparently more and more since AMD64 mechanisms are missing) not outweighed by the number of 32bit platform users remaining.
> I also noted that apparently, there is no way to compile/link the Wine32 executable with 64bit libs.
> Since I’m a developer by profession, I would like to ask what the main problems are and if I can help.
> Any notes welcome.

Hi Klaus,

Just my 2 cents...

While many Linux distributions are ending support for the x86 32bit
kernel, most are continuing to support a limited set of x86 32bit
libraries for now.
Looking forward, something will need to be done of course...

Recently Apple completely dropped 32-bit support for their latest
version of OS X, and members of the Codeweavers team did a great deal
of work to make their version of Wine work around this.
Some of the results of that effort are likely to be helpful for Wine.
On the other hand, some of the things done are more on the order of
brilliant hacks, but not really suitable for Wine in general.
You can take a look at the thread here for a lot more details of what
was involved:

As far as a roadmap goes for the Linux, I can't really speak to that.

- Regards,
- Jeff

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