Wine32 requires 32bit libraries? No fix?

Sveinar Søpler cybermax at
Fri Jan 17 12:27:08 CST 2020

On 17.01.2020 17:18, Zebediah Figura wrote:
> If we have no 32-bit libraries (or, in the case of Mac OS, ability to
> even load 32-bit libraries if they are present), the best solution seems
> to be to run most code in 32-bit mode (after all, the CPU does still
> support it) and thunk down to 64-bit when necessary, specifically when
> entering a host library or something similar.
> But this is still a lot of work, and raises a lot of its own nasty
> problems. It's far better just to have 32-bit libraries available to us.
I did not understand that the thing would be that Linux distro's would 
not be able to even load 32-bit libraries? Was it not more that they 
would not provide 32-bit libraries as a thing, and that it would still 
be supported due to the kernel still being able to run 32-bit code?

I can't see the "end of all" by this tbh, but that it will be certain 
distro's that none will bother maintaining 32-bit libraries for, sure.. 
And it will end up being up to enthusiasts to provide custom libraries 
just for wine if needed i guess.

Is there non-critical or performant processes that could be "converted" 
so that ALL the 32-libraries would not be needed?


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