[PATCH 1/4] d3d9/tests: Test more formats in srgbtexture_test().

Paul Gofman gofmanp at gmail.com
Wed Jan 22 07:03:03 CST 2020

On 1/22/20 15:54, Stefan Dösinger wrote:
> Am 22.01.20 um 13:44 schrieb Paul Gofman:
> I like the idea of enabling that fallback, although I am not sure what's
> the cleanest way though. I guess a pile of
> gl_info->supported[EXT_TEXTURE_SRGB_DECODE] could be replaced by
> format.internal == format.sRGB_internal checks. The assignment logic if
> EXT_TEXTURE_SRGB_DECODE needs to be adjusted to just do it for formats
> with native support, while still allowing advertising the format as
> supported to the game. There are also potential pitfalls with
> FRAMEBUFFER_sRGB. Afaik we advertise sRGB write correction only if we
> can do EXT_TEXTURE_SRGB_DECODE switching because FRAMEBUFFER_sRGB only
> works on sRGB internal formats.
> I'm sure you'll figure something out :-)

I guess a change to needs_separate_srgb_gl_texture() in
wined3d_private.h involving the format check will act as a main trigger
for fallback logic. Then I need to surf through each
EXT_TEXTURE_SRGB_DECODE and d3d_info->srgb_read_control check to see
what needs to be adjusted on case by case basis. I don't think its a
lot, as mostly these checks affect setting GL_TEXTURE_SRGB_DECODE_EXT GL
sampler parameter which has no effect on non SRGB format anyway.

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