test_compressed_surface_stretch fails on r200 GPUs

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at gmail.com
Thu Jan 23 11:22:16 CST 2020

Am 23.01.20 um 16:46 schrieb Paul Gofman:

>     I have only one immediate idea what could we try to tweak. Due to
> failure condition 1. maybe initializing the destination surface with
> some different colours will change anything? It is very unlikely to fix
> the thing but maybe can give some idea what the failure is about.

Zeroing the destination surface right after creating it seems to fix the
problem. I guess the driver's bug is that it doesn't do that for DXT3
surfaces. I have to use lock + memset to init the surface,
DDBLT_COLORFILL returns E_NOTIMPL on compressed surfaces. I vaguely
remember writing a test for that once.

I'll send a patch that manually zeroes the destination surface. If you
feel like extending the blit test to blit onto a non-zero destination (I
guess that's expecially fun for the driver when you do sub-block blits)
just tell Henri to ignore it.

An unrelated problem I've spotted is that lock.dwSize is never
initialized. In my testing we luckily get away with that because a large
value gets left behind on the stack, and larger sizes happen to be OK
for the specific combination of ddraw7 sysmem texture. I'll send a patch
for that too.

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