[PATCH] wined3d: Restore the Topmost state upon exiting fullscreen, when used from DXGI.

Gabriel Ivăncescu gabrielopcode at gmail.com
Thu Jul 2 10:54:53 CDT 2020

On 02/07/2020 18:16, Rémi Bernon wrote:
> On 2020-07-02 17:14, Gabriel Ivăncescu wrote:
>> Hi Rémi,
>> On 02/07/2020 16:14, Rémi Bernon wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I investigated this logic a while ago, and I believe it's a little 
>>> bit more convoluted. I think there's, for instance, some interaction 
>>> with the WINED3DCREATE_NOWINDOWCHANGES flag, but the behavior also 
>>> varies between ddraw, d3d <= 9, d3d >= 9ex and dxgi.
>>> AFAICS there's also the same kind of change / restore logic with 
>>> window visibility, and of course window styles -- which wined3d 
>>> incorrectly modifies.
>>> I have some patches with some more tests showing that, but it was 
>>> based on some other changes to remove the window styles updates, that 
>>> I sent a while ago but didn't try sending again since then.
>>> I'm attaching my whole series if you want to have a look, potentially 
>>> the additional tests can be interesting. Feel free to take over it too.
>> Thanks for the patches, I'll take a look at them. Though I think 
>> WS_EX_TOPMOST deserves special handling, because it can't be modified 
>> with SetWindowLong like other styles.
> Sure, there's also window visibility that may be changed or restored in 
> the same way (not sure if it can be controlled through styles).
>> BTW, I can't find where WINED3DCREATE_NOWINDOWCHANGES is set at all. 
>> It's checked in a couple of places but not set anywhere in whole wine 
>> tree. Is it even used anymore?
> It's not used directly IIRC but it has the same value as some 
> corresponding D3D flag.

I've had a quick glance at your patches, since they seem very thorough, 
and while they add a lot of new flags, I couldn't find a way to trim 
most of them down because of the various behavior between ddraw/d3d9/dxgi.

seems redundant, because you can flip the meaning of the NO_ZORDER and 
NO_VISIBILITY flags instead. For example, in DXGI you use 
the RESTORE_ZORDER flag. And where you set the NO_*_CHANGES flags you 
just clear the RESTORE_* flags instead. Unless I am missing something?

But, was there a specific blocker in particular? I feel like if I add 
the special case for dxgi with the WINED3D_SWAPCHAIN_RESTORE_WINDOW_RECT 
rename as Henri suggested, it will complicate the logic in your patches 
since the state restore thing seems to also apply to d3d9 if extended.

Or was there another reason?


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