[PATCH 1/3] windowscodecs/tests: In the tests of DdsDecoder_Initialize(), use broken() for cube map and uncompressed DDS image.

Esme Povirk (they/them) esme at codeweavers.com
Wed Jul 8 11:11:32 CDT 2020

I don't like the idea of returning success when native would fail and
relying on this in other parts of Wine. It's possible that an
application depends on these image types failing, and we wouldn't be
able to fix that application without breaking d3dx10.

We can add our own components that are different from native, like the
existing ICNS and TGA format support. One possibility would be to have
two CLSIDs for our DDS decoder. It could behave the same as native
when invoked with CLSID_WICDdsDecoder, and accept these files when
invoked with CLSID_WineDdsDecoder. We could then use
CLSID_WineDdsDecoder in other parts of Wine.

Wine-specific COM interfaces could also work.

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