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Sun Jul 12 15:29:23 CDT 2020

    My name is Carlos Rivera, I would like to contribute to Wine, I think it is an incredible project.
A few months ago I talked to Jeremy White, I was looking to change jobs and I saw an ad for a job 
offer as a codeweaver's developer.  Anyway, I decided that this project inspired too much respect
and I wanted to take it easy and try to collaborate first, to see If I was up to the task. During 
these months I haven't had much time to spend on Wine, I have read the documentation and following the 
advice on the web I haved looked for FIXMES in the code. I think I may have found a couple of things 
that hopefully I may be able to work on and give it a try. It is these two things:

file: server/change.c
function: do_change_notify, line 306

  /* FIXME: this is O(n) ... probably can be improved */
    LIST_FOR_EACH_ENTRY( dir, &change_list, struct dir, entry )
        if (get_unix_fd( dir->fd ) != unix_fd) continue;
        dir->notified = 1;

I think I could try to implement a hash table to avoid the loop. 

Also in the same file, line 396, function dir_set_sd:

     if (!obj->sd || !security_equal_sid( owner, sd_get_owner( obj->sd ) ))
            /* FIXME: get Unix uid and call fchown */ 

I think I need to figure out the uid from perhaps PAM?  I am not sure, but I am willing to find out
if you people think this is worthwhile. I don't know how useful fixing these things may be, but they
may be a good way to get started. What do you think?

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