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> Am 12.07.2020 um 23:06 schrieb carlos <carlos at>:
> Thanks! I'll take a look at the implementation and I'll try to find an application as you say, perhaps there is a regression test that may be affected too?

Our regression tests currently don't care about performance. That's another big topic. I once had an automated system to test various popular games and Windows benchmarks automatically every night, but the system bitrotted and I've stopped caring about it a few years ago.

> Ok, I think I saw a bug report where someone complained that an application failed because it set a file ACL permissions, then it
> read them back and they didn't match what was expected (because the set didn't work). I can't find it right now because is down.
> But I think discussion went along those lines as you say. I will ignore this then.

That depends on the exact details. There may be a way to map the windows ACL to unix without requiring multi-user infrastructure. I've never dealt with ACLs or permissions beyond the standard unix rwxrwxrwx, but e.g. the windows read-only flag gets mapped to unix write permissions. Something similar might be possible for ACLs too.

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