[PATCH 5/5] winevulkan: Implement VK_EXT_full_screen_exclusive

Liam Middlebrook lmiddlebrook at nvidia.com
Thu Jul 16 16:11:59 CDT 2020

>  47 +    /* Toss out VkSurfaceFullScreenExclusiveInfoEXT                                                                                        
>  48 +     * and VkSurfaceFullScreenExclusiveWin32InfoEXT */                                                                                    
>  49 +    VkPhysicalDeviceSurfaceInfo2KHR surface_info;                                                                                                                                                      
>  50 +    surface_info.sType   = pSurfaceInfo->sType;                                                                                                                                                              
>  51 +    surface_info.pNext   = NULL;                                                                                                                                 
>  52 +    surface_info.surface = pSurfaceInfo->surface;    

I think we should have a more robust solution for filtering out faked 
extension structures from pNext chains. I also think that this filtering 
mechanism will need to be accessible from winex11 and winemac.

We'll need to handle the pNext chains which can be passed into 
vkCreateSwapchainKHR() to make sure we don't pass invalid pNext chains 
into the driver.

I agree with Zebediah that this should also include changes to winex11 
and winemac. Is your plan currently that because fullscreen exclusive 
isn't a thing on Linux, we should just say it's supported and that's 
good enough? Is there any concept of FSE currently in WINE that we could 
reference as prior art for a more full implementation here (even if we 
step towards that incrementally)?

It seems like at a minimum there should be some fixme messages for the 
various VkFullScreenExclusiveEXT values which can be used in conjunction 
with vkCreateSwapchainKHR, as well as other parts of this extension that 
we're not really fully supporting, but rather are spoofing to 
applications which require it.


Liam Middlebrook

On 7/16/20 12:42 AM, Joshua Ashton wrote:

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