[PATCH 2/5] include: define _tcs* macros only when libc support exists.

Kevin Puetz PuetzKevinA at johndeere.com
Thu Jul 16 20:29:33 CDT 2020

Sorry, apparently git quiltimport cuts at the --- too, so the motive I 
to explain on the submission (but not the git commit message) got left out.


wine-5.2 (c12089039637dec5e598ed1c41e707f057494242) changed to allow 
to be used without MSVCRT. This is useful for _TEXT(...) and _TCHAR 
but the _tcs* macros may still be unusable
Omitting them will be a clearer compile error when to not exist
than mapping them to e.g. wcs* functions which do not actually accept
a windows WCHAR (because WCHAR != wchar_t)

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