[PATCH] winegstreamer: Prevent hanging when loading a short MP3 file.

Zebediah Figura zfigura at codeweavers.com
Wed Jun 10 15:45:41 CDT 2020

So, first of all, this patch causes test failures. That's partly an
effect of the mp3 tag data now changing, so you'll need to update the
test to match.

Then it breaks the builtin quartz:filtergraph tests. While that makes
sense given that we're no longer successfully parsing duration out of
the file, it's not particularly ideal. And given that I've got some
half-finished tests for seeking on parser filters locally, I'd kind of
prefer that we can at least seek one file.

This caught my eye, though, because I recently submitted a patch to
GStreamer for mpegaudioparse that improved its seeking logic, and yet
even with that patch I was still getting a failure to query duration.
After some time debugging I noticed some rather obvious problems with
our duration queries. I'll send some patches which should make that test
failure go away.

Anyway, this patch is a clear improvement, but what worries me is that
it's not *enough*. One problem is that the larger the file, the longer
we take to wait for EOS. I've seen a 45-minute mp3 file with no headers
in the wild, and that makes connection take 3-5 seconds on my machine. I
don't have a good solution for this, so I'm willing to accept the patch
in the meantime. Possibly the best option is to also add a short timeout
to the WaitForMultipleObjects() call.

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