Solving patch series collisions with domains?

Francois Gouget fgouget at
Fri Mar 6 09:24:04 CST 2020

On Fri, 6 Mar 2020, Vincent Povirk (they/them) wrote:

> I think it'd make more sense and be simpler to use the From: field of
> the email (not the patch), assuming you have access to that.

That's already what the TestBot does:

> > the TestBot identifies patch series based on the (Sender, Version, 
> > PartCount) tuple,

But making use of the Message-Id and In-Reply-To fields could help. The 
would be 3 or 4 cases to handle:
1. Unthreaded patch series (still seems to happen sometimes).
2. Threaded with all parts being replies to the first one.
3. Threaded with all parts being replies to the cover (which is not a 
   patch and thus ignored by the TestBot).
4. Threaded with each part being a reply to the previous one.

I don't think case 4 happens in practice so I'm going to assume it can 
be ignored for now.

Francois Gouget <fgouget at>

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