Installing Wine's 32 and 64 bit build dependencies

Francois Gouget fgouget at
Mon Mar 23 14:05:05 CDT 2020

So I added a script to the wt-daily suite[1] that automates installing 
Wine's 32 and 64 bit build dependencies[2].

This initial version supports Debian 9 & 10 and Ubuntu 18.04 & 19.10.
I can add support for more Linux distributions if you send me patches :-)

An important aspect is that the script works around the broken packages 
that don't support multiarch, which is usually the hard part of setting 
things up.

So to install the build dependencies simply run:

  sudo ./wt-install-dev

Or if you just want to see what it would do:

  ./wt-install-dev --dry-run

You can also do it in separate steps, to first install the packages and 
then inspect what it would do to work around the broken ones:

  sudo ./wt-install-dev --packages
  ./wt-install-dev --workarounds --dry-run

As usual you can get the usage with:

  ./wt-install-dev --help


[2] Yes this is similar to the Ansible script I published in 2018. 
    But this is a basic shell script which I guess is going to be easier 
    to use for most people. It also supports more and newer Linux 

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