[PATCH v3] comctl32: Initialize early font metrics in edit control.

Roman Pišl rpisl at seznam.cz
Thu Mar 26 17:34:28 CDT 2020

Dne 26. 03. 20 v 21:24 Nikolay Sivov napsal(a):
> On 3/26/20 10:07 PM, Roman Pišl wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I just tested all affected applications from bugzilla and just setting 
>> es->line_height = 1 and es->char_width = 1 in NCCreate is sufficient, 
>> since all other content is zero anyway and proper value is set during 
>> So a less intrusive change is possible..
> I think we should be aiming at something that's more correct than less 
> intrusive.

Yes, but with so many divisions in such a spaghetti code, if not 
allowing the divisor to be zero is sufficient to solve all 
division-by-zero long standing issues from bugzilla with a zero 
potential to break anything, that seems to be a good enough solution 
from my point of view..

>> Roman

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