Building wine 1.9.20

Bronze Alibi bronze.alibi at
Fri Mar 27 17:44:31 CDT 2020

Hello everybody,  




This is my first time trying to figure out if something is a regression , so I
need to build an older version of wine.  

The application involved was reported to work in the past on wine 1.9.20. As
that was also an older version of the application it is not clear weather a
change in wine or a change in the application broke support, so I want to run
the current version on wine 1.9.20.  




Sadly that build fails. The part from where the red text started appearing is
attached below.  

The system is a current installation of Archlinux.  

Can anyone help me out here with what needs to be adjusted here.  

This is my first time posting to this list, so if this is the wrong place or
information is missing, please tell and I will adjust.  




(following <> I
went back to the winehq-packaged wine 2.0.4 version to test on debian buster,
but that seems not far back enough sadly.)  








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