Building wine 1.9.20

Bronze Alibi bronze.alibi at
Sat Mar 28 09:59:33 CDT 2020

Thanks a lot, that got me further.  



It looks like something is up with the fonts in the older tarballs...  


make[1]: Entering directory '~/wine-1.9.20/fonts'  

../tools/sfnt2fon/sfnt2fon -o coue1255.fon courier.ttf -d 128 13,1255,8  

Error: Cannot open face courier.ttf  

make[1]: *** [Makefile:174: coue1255.fon] Error 1  

make[1]: Leaving directory '~/wine-1.9.20/fonts'  

make: *** [Makefile:19441: fonts] Error 2  




>     You could probably just disable pcap while building (i.e. configure

>     --without-pcap).



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