[PATCH] server: Try to get file name for regular files and dirs in alloc_file_handle().

Paul Gofman pgofman at codeweavers.com
Fri May 15 08:56:29 CDT 2020

On 5/15/20 16:45, Gabriel Ivăncescu wrote:
> Hi Paul,
> I've sent a patch (multiple times since it hasn't been reviewed,
> unfortunately) for the same bug and, while it didn't add the (trivial)
> tests, I believe it handled some extra corner cases, which you might
> want to add.
> See: https://source.winehq.org/patches/data/184165
> In particular, I'm concerned what happens with your patch if the file
> itself is either moved, deleted, or refers to something special (like
> bash's pipe:[12345678] for example), since you don't test the resulted
> filename at all—and it might not be the same file.
> Also it would be nice to add an implementation with #elif
> defined(F_GETPATH) for other Unix platforms or MacOS (you can look at
> my patch for trivial example, but I haven't tested it).
> And lastly we have a bug on bugzilla about it already:
> Wine-Bug: https://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=46070
> Thanks,
> Gabriel

Oh yeah, I missed that patch entirely, sorry. I know about Macos
F_GETPATH but I did not add that because I don't have a Mac to test.
Regarding the other thing, yes, a lot of things can go wrong, but I am
not sure we want or can really support all that cases. There is actually
numerous ways how the Python error can be fixed. E. g., we can make
GetFileInformationByHandle not to fail by not requiesting the full
attributes from NtQueryAttributes file. After a lot of surfing around
the code I was inclined to choose the way you did as it seems that it is
touching the core reason. But maybe we should really avoid touching that
and instead change GetFileInformationByHandle. Or make such file
something special, so GetFileType() won't return FILE_TYPE_DISK for it
(maybe it is better really; Python is happy this way either). Python is
also fine if we don't have valid std handles. Or, instead, do something
with the code which makes handles from unix fds. I guess that was added
to allow piping native and line command line programs. Maybe it is
possible to change wine loader some way so we avoid creating std handles
this way.

So I guess we need some discussion on general direction before tweaking
these patches.

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