Absolute Junction Points/Symlinks

Esme Povirk (they/them) vincent at codeweavers.com
Sat May 16 21:33:43 CDT 2020

I think this would be too much complexity to be worth it. By the time
I learn as a user that my Wine-created symlinks will only work using
some special command, and manually launch whatever program I want to
use them in, I've already been inconvenienced more than I would be by
a broken symlink. I'd also worry about the potential for compatibility
problems with applications launched using wine's LD_PRELOAD (by
winebrowser for example).

I'm also not clear on why the symlinks need to resolve correctly
*inside wine processes*. As long as we only open them using the win32
api, the win32 api can interpret those files however we need it to.

Wine should control any file access that needs to work with symlinks
it creates, especially with the push towards converting Wine's dlls to
be built as PE. Therefore, it should be able to do the right thing in
its own code and not have to hook itself or any native libraries it
loads. "The right thing" might mean interpreting a special /??/ path
differently, replacing a wineprefix embedded in the target with the
current wineprefix, or reading the target using something other than
readlink(), but whatever it is should be equally doable inside Wine
without hooking.

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