[PATCH] user32: Fix NULL dereference in UnregisterDeviceNotification

Arkadiusz Hiler arek at hiler.eu
Wed May 20 05:30:37 CDT 2020

On Sat, May 16, 2020 at 04:28:48PM +0300, Arkadiusz Hiler wrote:
> UnregisterDeviceNotification when provided with NULL should not try to
> dereference it and just return FALSE.
> Signed-off-by: Arkadiusz Hiler <arek at hiler.eu>

Hey folks,

anything wrong with the patch that would stop you from picking it up?

The fix is fairly simple and comes with a test. The testbot seems to be
content with it[0]. I also don't see anything obviously incorrect upon
second and third look, so I'll try persistence[1] :-)

[0]: https://testbot.winehq.org/JobDetails.pl?Key=71872
[1]: https://wiki.winehq.org/Developer_FAQ#I_sent_a_patch.2C_but_it_got_ignored._Why.3F


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