[COMCTL32] Fix issue on showing mouse pointer on Mouse Prop Dlg

zecarlos jesus zecarlos1957 at hotmail.com
Thu May 21 17:51:18 CDT 2020

static BOOL get_icon_size( HICON handle, SIZE *size )
    ICONINFO info;
    BITMAP bmp;
    int ret;

    if (!GetIconInfo(handle, &info))
        return FALSE;

    ret = GetObjectW(info.hbmMask, sizeof(bmp), &bmp);
    if (ret)
        size->cx = bmp.bmWidth;
        size->cy = bmp.bmHeight;
            If this structure defines a black and white icon, this bitmask is formatted
            so that the upper half is the icon AND bitmask and the lower half is
            the icon XOR bitmask.
        if (!info.hbmColor)
            size->cy /= 2;

GetIconInfo() fill info.hbmColor with NULL HBITMAP handle on black/white bitmaps


    return !!ret;
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