winegstreamer: Avoid Fedora and openSUSE?

Francois Gouget fgouget at
Sun May 24 09:22:35 CDT 2020

On Sun, 24 May 2020, Paul Gofman wrote:

> gstreamer 32 bit was long broken on Fedora in the past due to ever 
> broken dependencies of gst-plugins-bad and gst-plugins-ugly.

That seems like totally unrelated issues (most distributions are 
missing one gstreamer plugin or another).

> But that was fixed in the middle of Fedora 31 and is still ok now in 
> Fedora 32. winegstreamer used to work fine for me in the games I tried 
> since then (i. e., there weren’t gst related problems anymore).

That's very surprising. I tested this on Fedora 32 yesterday and the bug 
was definitely still present.

Are you sure these are 32-bit games and that they use winegstreamer.dll?
How can winegstreamer find the 32-bit plugins if gst-plugin-scanner 
cannot even load the plugin libraries?

Or maybe the 32-bit GStreamer plugins work but not the 64-bit ones...
What do you get for these commands:

  rpm -qf /usr/libexec/gstreamer-1.0/gst-plugin-scanner
  rpm -qf /usr/bin/gst-inspect-1.0
  gst-inspect-1.0 videoconvert | grep Filename

(and for that matter, what about the steps to reproduce in the bug?)

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