[PATCH 1/3] makedep: Align PE sections so they can be mmapped.

Jacek Caban jacek at codeweavers.com
Mon May 25 10:26:37 CDT 2020

On 25.05.2020 16:32, Rémi Bernon wrote:
> I could also see that some CROSSDEBUG checks look for "split" prefix in
> makedep, and some other set the variable to dwarf. It's not clear to me
> what this variable is supposed to be set to (other than "pdb"). Does
> "dwarf" mean separate file as well?

No, "dwarf" means that debug info will be embedded in module PE files, 
which has always been the default. "dwarf" part of "split-dwarf" is 
important for configure script to apply dwarf-specific flags. "dwarf," 
"split-dwarf" and "pdb" are the only configs for which I know a real 
use, but in theory you could set it to anything else as long as you take 
care of CROSSCFLAGS yourself. "stabs" and "split-stabs" should be in 
theory achievable this way (but I didn't try).


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