Request for discussion: Using PE libraries for Wine dependencies

Jacek Caban jacek at
Wed May 27 08:42:31 CDT 2020

Hi all,

I experimented with using winegcc to build Wine dependences lately with 
promising results. I put up a proof of concept repo here:

It only takes care of building winefreetype.dll and winefaudio.dll 
currently. No installation or Wine integration is implemented, it's just 
a convenient tool to play with the build at the moment. It takes care of 
linking DLLs by ourselves. I experimented and eventually got it working 
using dependencies build system to output a shared library, but it was 
both more messy and didn't give a nice way to do renaming.

Ideally, it would work just fine by running plain configure if you have 
Wine installed already. It does not work yet because Wine does not 
install cross importlibs yet. Instead, a build directory is required, so 
one has to provide at least --with-wine-tools=... --with-wine-srcdir=... 
for now.

I tested it with PE dwrite build and it passed all tests. Opinions are 



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