Does wine perform exact same memory allocations than Windows?

Emanuele Oriani emaentra at
Wed May 27 10:37:15 CDT 2020

Hi Stefan,

Thanks for replying back and confirming about different memory 
This corroborates my thinking and for sure makes the porting of such 
companion apps non trivial.

| What you are doing here is very fragile, even going from Windows to 
Windows. I realize it is a common thing to do for game mods though if 
the game does not provide an API for such modifications.

I'm fully aware of the fragility and the modding community is also 
conscious that updates in the the game may 'break' the logic, even on 
Windows; in this particular case it's just about reading memory 
thankfully (primarily traversing pointers).

| If you are looking up pointers into the game's code in its DLLs and 
EXE files they are very similar because the PE file is mmap'ed into the 
processes' address space. You have good chances of the absolute 
addresses to be identical.

Some addresses are identical, some other are not, but if it's about 
following pointers, I think we're good - after all a pointer is a 
pointer both in wine and native Windows.
Basically if one can find a valid AoB/base address, and then solely 
operate with pointers, then the Windows logic may be ported with just 
some trouble but not impossible.

Everything else, agree 100%.


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