Wine-Staging release 6.6

Zebediah Figura z.figura12 at
Sun Apr 11 11:33:34 CDT 2021

The Wine-Staging development release 6.6 is now available.

Summary since last release:

* Rebased to upstream Wine 6.6. 674 patches are applied to upstream

Patches removed from Wine-Staging since the last release:

* ntdll: NtQuerySystemInformation support SystemCodeIntegrityInformation
* ntdll: Report SegDs to be identical to SegSs on x86_64.
* winex11.drv/mouse: Use root-relative coordinates for events, if possible

Patches added:

* None.

Patches otherwise updated:

* server-Key_State has been replaced with modified patches by Rémi Bernon.

* user32-rawinput-mouse, user32-rawinput-mouse-experimental, and 
user32-rawinput-hid have been replaced with new versions from Rémi 
Bernon. Note that user32-rawinput-mouse now applies on top of 
user32-rawinput-hid, rather than the reverse.

Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:

As always, if you find a bug, please report it via

Zebediah Figura

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