[PATCH] oleaut32: Fix locale settings caching in VARIANT_GetLocalisedNumberChars().

Francois Gouget fgouget at codeweavers.com
Thu Aug 5 05:59:48 CDT 2021

On Wed, 4 Aug 2021, Francois Gouget wrote:

> It turns out that the oleaut32 caching is not needed at all. I will 
> send an updated patch.

The attached patch can be used to collect more information about run 
times in each case:

* If both the GetLocaleInfoW() and GetLocalisedNumberChars() caching are 
  disabled (s/01/0/ in locale.c):
  GetLocalisedNumberChars(lcid=400,NOUSEROVERRIDE,cache=0) took 1422 ns
  GetLocalisedNumberChars(lcid=409,NOUSEROVERRIDE,cache=0) took 964 ns
  GetLocalisedNumberChars(lcid=40c,NOUSEROVERRIDE,cache=0) took 1012 ns
  GetLocalisedNumberChars(lcid=407,NOUSEROVERRIDE,cache=0) took 981 ns
  GetLocalisedNumberChars(lcid=400,0,cache=0) took 69000 ns
  GetLocalisedNumberChars(lcid=409,0,cache=0) took 1600 ns
  GetLocalisedNumberChars(lcid=40c,0,cache=0) took 68900 ns
  GetLocalisedNumberChars(lcid=407,0,cache=0) took 1600 ns

  Given that my locale is fr_FR.UTF-8, only the LOCALE_USER_DEFAULT 
  (400) and LANG_FRENCH (40c) cases go through the registry. And that's 
  where it's slow without caching: ~70000 ns per call.
  All the other cases just query the resources and are 40+ times faster.

* If only the GetLocalisedNumberChars() caching is disabled:
  GetLocalisedNumberChars(lcid=400,NOUSEROVERRIDE,cache=0) took 1195 ns
  GetLocalisedNumberChars(lcid=409,NOUSEROVERRIDE,cache=0) took 820 ns
  GetLocalisedNumberChars(lcid=40c,NOUSEROVERRIDE,cache=0) took 809 ns
  GetLocalisedNumberChars(lcid=407,NOUSEROVERRIDE,cache=0) took 852 ns
  GetLocalisedNumberChars(lcid=400,0,cache=0) took 946 ns
  GetLocalisedNumberChars(lcid=409,0,cache=0) took 1156 ns
  GetLocalisedNumberChars(lcid=40c,0,cache=0) took 642 ns
  GetLocalisedNumberChars(lcid=407,0,cache=0) took 1157 ns

  Only the 400 and 40c cases go through the GetLocaleInfoW() registry 
  cache. These are slightly faster than querying the resources but not 
  by much (~650-950 ns instead of ~1150 ns).

* And with GetLocalisedNumberChars() caching:
  GetLocalisedNumberChars(lcid=400,NOUSEROVERRIDE,cache=2) took 16 ns
  GetLocalisedNumberChars(lcid=409,NOUSEROVERRIDE,cache=2) took 16 ns
  GetLocalisedNumberChars(lcid=40c,NOUSEROVERRIDE,cache=2) took 32 ns
  GetLocalisedNumberChars(lcid=407,NOUSEROVERRIDE,cache=2) took 17 ns
  GetLocalisedNumberChars(lcid=400,0,cache=2) took 16 ns
  GetLocalisedNumberChars(lcid=409,0,cache=2) took 16 ns
  GetLocalisedNumberChars(lcid=40c,0,cache=2) took 16 ns
  GetLocalisedNumberChars(lcid=407,0,cache=2) took 16 ns

  GetLocalisedNumberChars()'s caching is the fastest by far (>70x) since 
  it's a simple memcpy().

  So with the patch submitted in this thread we keep the high 
  performance when querying anything but the registry locale settings.
  But as mentioned before it's not clear how often that would be used. 
  Maybe it can benefit some applications that parse a lot of data 
  that's not in the user's locale (maybe because it comes from some 
  database or spreadsheet).

  But if we consider GetLocaleInfoW()'s performance good enough then the 
  GetLocalisedNumberChars() caching can be removed entirely.

Francois Gouget <fgouget at codeweavers.com>
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