[PATCH 1/3] wined3d: Don't shift geometry for d3d10/11.

Henri Verbeet hverbeet at gmail.com
Mon Aug 9 10:47:18 CDT 2021

On Sat, 7 Aug 2021 at 09:00, Stefan Dösinger <stefan at codeweavers.com> wrote:
> > It seems a little awkward to tie this to WINED3D_PIXEL_CENTER_INTEGER.
> > Would it make sense to instead detect the filling convention during
> > adapter initialisation, so that we can get rid of this for d3d9 and
> > before as well if possible? We could then just store the filling
> > convention offset in the wined3d_d3d_info structure.
> Yeah I played with the thought of detecting it at adapter init, but for that
> I'd need a card that has different behavior. Otherwise I am just shooting
> blind. The ones I tested (AMD Radeon 560; Geforce 650M; Intel HD 4000; Intel
> HD graphics 615; Apple M1; - the last 3 only on MacOS, the others Mac and
> Linux) behaved uniformly. I remember back in the Geforce 7/8 days we had GPU
> specific issues. Unfortunately my Geforce 7s all died and my r500 card is a
> long distance away.
Being able to detect the convention correctly would probably be a good
start. (And note that originally part of the issue was that the
filling convention ended up being different for onscreen and offscreen
render targets due to the y-flip; "AlwaysOffscreen" got rid of at
least that part of the issue.) I still have a NVIDIA Tesla I would be
able to test this on, although I don't remember for sure whether it
was originally affected by this issue. Perhaps others like e.g. Matteo
would also be able to help with testing.

> Afaics we have no test that tests if we are doing the right thing in d3d9 and
> earlier. I'll add one, that should hopefully give some clues if the 63.0/128.0
> is still correct on today's GPUs or if we need a flat 1.0/2.0 on some. If it's
> the former - and I am not aware of any d3d <= 9 games that have any pixel
> boundary issues right now - there might be some d3d9/d3d10 difference.

Yeah, we don't have existing tests for this.

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