[PATCH] quartz: Increment reference count for the advise thread to avoid crashes caused by DLL unloading.

粟田大樹 castaneai at by.black
Tue Aug 10 19:18:02 CDT 2021

Hi, Zebediah.
Thanks for the detailed research.
I've revert the first patch, applied the next one and the test was
Is the code fix as intended? If it is ok, I will send a PATCH v2.

diff --git a/dlls/quartz/systemclock.c b/dlls/quartz/systemclock.c
index 73a923a7b99..0eb339420db 100644
--- a/dlls/quartz/systemclock.c
+++ b/dlls/quartz/systemclock.c
@@ -338,6 +338,7 @@ HRESULT system_clock_create(IUnknown *outer, IUnknown
     object->cs.DebugInfo->Spare[0] = (DWORD_PTR)(__FILE__ ":
+    InterlockedIncrement(&object_locks);

     TRACE("Created system clock %p.\n", object);
     *out = &object->IUnknown_inner;

2021年8月11日(水) 8:56 Zebediah Figura (she/her) <zfigura at codeweavers.com>:

> On 8/10/21 6:40 PM, 粟田大樹 wrote:
> > Hi, Zebediah. Thank you for your quick reply.
> >
> > It was a very interesting problem and I logged the changes in
> object_locks.
> > In my tests, object_locks goes to 0 without system_clock_inner_Release
> > being called.
> > The game I tested does not have a free version, so I apologize for not
> > sharing it. The game is clickable to skip video playback, and the crash
> > occurs when clicking.
> >
> > I have attached the log of my test for your reference. Thank you,
>  From examination of the code I believe the problem is that we call
> system_clock_create() from dsound_render_create(), which bypasses the
> increment.
> Either that should be changed to CoCreateInstance, or we should only
> increment object_locks from creation functions. I'm kind of leaning
> toward the latter, even though it's more code, since it's more
> consistent (along the lines of "always grab and release a resource in
> the same place").
> I note also that enum_reg_filter_create() and enum_moniker_create()
> don't reference the module, and should.
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