[PATCH 3/4] ws2_32/tests: Add comprehensive socket option validity tests

Zebediah Figura (she/her) zfigura at codeweavers.com
Wed Aug 11 10:17:49 CDT 2021

This is a good idea in principle, but a few things bother me about it:

(1) the tables are hard to read (could maybe be solved with indentation)?

(2) it would probably make sense to split get/set into separate tables, 
and not to split tcp/udp? I dunno, looks potentially simpler.

(3) It's a bit ambiguous in many cases whether an operation is supported 
or not. I.e. it'd be nice to have *successful* calls to most of these. 
At least WSAENOPROTOOPT is relatively unambiguous, but I can't tell if a 
given operation always returns WSAEINVAL (like, say, the hardcoded IPv4 
option 41) or only returns WSAEINVAL because we're not using the right 

Which is to say that maybe a table isn't that great after all :-/

(4) It's also kind of unclear what /* win7 */ means: broken on win7, or 
before win7, or up to and including win7, or what?

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