[PATCH 5/5] ws2_32/tests: Add tabular socket option validity tests

Zebediah Figura (she/her) zfigura at codeweavers.com
Mon Aug 16 11:42:06 CDT 2021

This patch loses the tests for IP_ADD_MEMBERSHIP et al.


> +    for (opt = 0; opt < 100; opt++)

I'm not a huge fan of this. It kind of works for IP options, but it 
wouldn't work if we extended these tests to e.g. SOL_SOCKET. I'm also 
not sure I see the value in exhaustively testing undocumented or invalid 
sockopts. Maybe check one or two obviously invalid numbers just to show 
what the invalid behaviour is (and of course put that in the table proper).

> +        { IPV6_GET_IFLIST,            WSAEINVAL,    BROKEN /* win8 */ | TODO                                          },

This still isn't clear enough to me; it looks like it means "broken on 
windows 8", not "broken on anything before windows 8".

Also, what's the broken case anyway? If it's just a matter of some 
versions not supporting the option yet and returning WSAENOPROTOOPT, is 
it even worth putting it in the table? Can we just have a blanket "|| 
broken(ret == -1 && WSAGetLastError() == WSAENOPROTOOPT)"?

> +        { 2,                          WSAEINVAL,    TODO                                                              },


> +        { 47,                         WSAEINVAL,    BROKEN /* vista */ | TODO                                         },

IP_ORIGINAL_ARRIVAL_IF (yes, used with IPPROTO_IPV6; see [1].)


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