Wine source build on AIX/PowerPC failing

André Zwing nerv at
Tue Aug 17 15:31:46 CDT 2021

Oh, in case it's really 32-Bit PPC, you should rather try Wine 5.0 or older.

Am 17.08.21 um 16:32 schrieb Mahin Pandya:
> Thanks André & Stefan. Tried using both repo but facing issue to build on AIX which is CPU type as POWERPC, got errors in "make" due to assembler "as" (which is native) in AIX, opcode is not recognized.
> bash-5.0$ tools/winebuild/winebuild -v -w --implib -o dlls/ucrtbase/libucrtbase.a --export dlls/ucrtbase/ucrtbase.spec dlls/ucrtbase/crt_gccmain.o dlls/ucrtbase/crt_main.o dlls/ucrtbase/crt_winmain.o dlls/ucrtbase/crt_wmain.o dlls/ucrtbase/crt_wwinmain.o dlls/ucrtbase/mathf.o dlls/ucrtbase/printf.o
> /usr/bin/as -o ucrtbase.I7tD9N.o dlls/ucrtbase/libucrtbase.WYBdSA.s
> Assembler:
> dlls/ucrtbase/libucrtbase.WYBdSA.s: line 1: 1252-016 The specified opcode or pseudo-op is not valid.
>   Use supported instructions or pseudo-ops only.
> dlls/ucrtbase/libucrtbase.WYBdSA.s: line 4: 1252-211 Invalid relocation type: function.
> ...
> So looks like it need change in utils.c (many more files) or may be GNU assembler helps.
> Content of " libucrtbase.WYBdSA.s":
> .text
> .align 2
>   .type _Cbuild, at function
>   .globl _Cbuild
>   .hidden _Cbuild
> _Cbuild:
>   .long __wine$func$ucrtbase$1$_Cbuild
>   .size _Cbuild, .-_Cbuild
>   .section .note.GNU-stack,"", at progbits
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> Am 14.08.21 um 11:59 schrieb Stefan Dösinger:
>>> Am 13.08.2021 um 20:06 schrieb Mahin Pandya <mahin.pandya at>:
>>> Thanks Michael for quick response.
>>> Hello Andre, Is this your repo ? This gives me something to play around.
>> I am not André, but yes, that is his git repo. The hangover branch contains a squashed commit for ppc64le support, but it is built on a slightly dated Wine tree. Rebasing this is not trivial.
>> Note that the hangover branch contains other stuff too (see ) that may or may not be of interest for you
> Hello,
> Let's leave Hangover aside and just try to build this tag:

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