[PATCH] nsiproxy: Include netinet/in_pcb.h

Gerald Pfeifer gerald at pfeifer.com
Wed Aug 18 18:18:01 CDT 2021

This is necessary to define struct xinpgen; otherwise we see

  dlls/nsiproxy.sys/tcp.c: In function ‘tcp_conns_enumerate_all’:
  dlls/nsiproxy.sys/tcp.c:660:27: error: invalid application of ‘sizeof’
    to incomplete type ‘struct xinpgen’

on FreeBSD 11 and likely others.

Signed-off-by: Gerald Pfeifer <gerald at pfeifer.com>
 dlls/nsiproxy.sys/tcp.c | 4 ++++
 1 file changed, 4 insertions(+)

diff --git a/dlls/nsiproxy.sys/tcp.c b/dlls/nsiproxy.sys/tcp.c
index eda438318f0..8567330be99 100644
--- a/dlls/nsiproxy.sys/tcp.c
+++ b/dlls/nsiproxy.sys/tcp.c
@@ -50,6 +50,10 @@
 #include <netinet/in.h>
+#include <netinet/in_pcb.h>
 #include <netinet/ip_var.h>

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