PE Conversion

Erich E. Hoover erich.e.hoover at
Thu Aug 19 10:08:20 CDT 2021

I don't think that there's currently anything in-depth, but a quick
summary is that there's a couple issues that the PE libraries solve:
1) 32-bit system libraries are being deprecated by the distros (and
Apple has already discontinued 32-bit support), so converting built-in
libraries to PE means that Wine will interface solely with the 64-bit
system libraries.
2) Some applications check that the in-memory library and the on-disk
library are identical, so the old "fake DLL" system for the on-disk
version makes them angry.

It's possible there's other reasons as well, but those are the ones
that I remember being talked about.


On Wed, Aug 18, 2021 at 10:38 AM Biswapriyo Nath <nathbappai at> wrote:
> Is there any in-depth explanation about why the builtin dlls are being
> coverted to PE?

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