[PATCH 2/5] xinput.sys: Introduce new xinput.sys driver.

Rémi Bernon rbernon at codeweavers.com
Mon Aug 23 11:52:33 CDT 2021

On 8/23/21 6:40 PM, Zebediah Figura (she/her) wrote:
> On 8/18/21 2:31 AM, Rémi Bernon wrote:
>> Currently only acting as a pass-through driver, matching any device with
>> a WINEBUS\WINE_COMP_XINPUT compatible id.
>> This creates new PDO on the bus, adding the &IG_ device ID suffix to the
>> original device ID (replacing an eventual &MI_ suffix), and removes the
>> need to set the suffix on winebus.sys side.
>> Signed-off-by: Rémi Bernon <rbernon at codeweavers.com>
> Can we find something else to name this, so it's less ambiguous what 
> "xinput" refers to?
> Maybe "winexinput"; this is a wine-specific DLL after all.

Well, I initially thought about naming it like the native XInput driver, 
xusb22.sys or something like that, but then I saw there are several of 
them, and some even named xinput.sys (I think).

Sure it's kind of Wine-specific, although a similar native driver 
exists, and naming it winexinput would make it live among the growing 
list of wine-something DLLs, which is imho starting to be painful to 

It seemed clearer to name it xinput.sys, so it would be listed right 
alongside its user-space xinput1_* counterparts, which felt convenient 
when looking at the code. The driver is only meant for these DLLs, and 
some of the code will even be very similar.
Rémi Bernon <rbernon at codeweavers.com>

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