Wine staging 6.3 release

Alistair Leslie-Hughes leslie_alistair at
Sat Feb 27 02:08:10 CST 2021

Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:

Summary since last release
* Rebased to current wine 6.3 (694 patches are applied to wine vanilla)

Upstreamed (Either directly from staging or fixed with a similar patch).
* imagehlp: Implement parts of BindImageEx to make freezing Python 
scripts work.
* widl: Support WinRT parameterized interface type.
* ntdll: Implement SystemExtendedHandleInformation in 
* ntdll: Set object type for System(Extended)HandleInformation in 
* user32: Send a WM_ACTIVATE message after restoring a minimized window.
* widl: Support WinRT delegate type.
* widl: Support WinRT parameterized delegate type.
* widl: Compute signatures for parameterized types.
* widl: Compute uuids for parameterized types.
* xactengine3_7: Implement IXACT3Engine PrepareWave
* widl: Never use the namespace ABI prefix for global types.
* widl: Precompute qualified type names, and use them for C++ interfaces.
* widl: Define the C type name as an alias for the C++ qualified name.
* shell32: Implement process elevation using runas verb.

* [40613] Multiple applications require UAC implementation to run 
installer/app as a normal user instead of administrator (WhatsApp 
Desktop, Smartflix, Squirrel Installers, OneDrive)
* [39262] DiscordSetup.exe (.NET 4.5.2 app): Squirrell installer 
requires being run as unelevated process ('explorer.exe' should run 
unelevated by default with Vista+ setting)

* packager-DllMain
* nvcuda-CUDA_Support
* api-ms-win-Stub_DLLs
* nvapi-Stub_DLL
* ntdll-Junction_Points

Where can you help
* Run Steam/
* Test your favorite game.
* Test your favorite applications.
* Improve staging patches and get them accepted upstream.

As always, if you find a bug, please report it via

Best Regards

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