user32:win is a mess (was: Allow the backends to defer restoring minimized windows.)

Francois Gouget fgouget at
Sun Jul 4 18:30:09 CDT 2021

On Sun, 4 Jul 2021, Francois Gouget wrote:
> Right. user32:win is a complete mess (and it's not even the worst of 
> the user32 tests):

And here are some bonus issues:
* Together ntoskrnl.exe:ntoskrnl and user32:monitor trigger extra user32:win failures

* user32:win test_SetActiveWindow() has 2 failures on Vista to Windows 8.1

* user32:win "unexpected 0x0282 message" Chinese Windows 10 failures

* user32:win "unexpected 0x7fff message" Japanese Windows 10 failures
  This may be the same as the other issue for the Korean locale but it 
  did not have the source + testcase keywords so it was kind of hidden.

* user32:win "unexpected 0x738 message" Windows 10 failures

Wine tests... infinitely surprising.

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